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A Refreshingly New Approach to Scientific Instruments

Browser Controlled

You have what it takes to control Arista.

Imagine a future where even small labs are truly automated. Unruly separate processes are tamed; integrated into a coherent workflow. Practichem has done it today. Control Arista from anywhere using a secure network connection. Whether a single instrument or many at one time, you can manipulate methods, runs, and data from one browser. Even on a tablet.


Uptime service plan illustrations

This just in: the Service Call is dead.

Uptime Service is automatic, and ensures that you are always up and running. On-board fault detection combined with Arista's compact form enables us to ship you a replacement instrument right away. Easy.


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Cross section

Chromponents are perfect building blocks for DIY chromatographers. Whether you are looking for compact and reliable UV detection or searching for the ultimate valve to direct flow precisely and quietly - look no more. Chromponents include integrated USB ports that ensure simple communication and quick programming.


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Innovate Raleigh Highlights Practichem

Raleigh, NC's Innovate Raleigh organization recently highlighted Practichem by selecting us as a winner in their Makers + Doers video series. The video touches on why Practichem selected the Triangle region of North Carolina as its new home.