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Accelerate biological research to cure humanity’s diseases.


Create a world where biological research tools are friendly, accessible, and affordable; where open participation in biological research speeds cures for the world’s most horrific diseases.

What is Practichem?

Practichem is a Raleigh-based biotech instrument company, building simplicity into complex scientific instruments to make biotech research accessible to more people from diverse backgrounds. Arista Slice is ½ the cost and ¼ the size of current solutions. This first browser controlled chromatography system frees scientists to use any computing device to work from any location.

Who is Practichem’s target market?

Primarily biopharmaceutical researchers, but anyone expressing proteins. Practichem is committed to easing the chromatographic process, contributing to the democratization of the biological sciences.

What differentiates Practichem from competing companies?

Practichem’s products and solutions are designed to be demonstrated, sold, supported, and serviced via the Internet. Products are compact and lightweight, returning valuable bench space to scientists. This focus on small also makes shipping a realistic option for a market accustomed to costly site visits.

Deeply integrating Internet Protocol into Arista brings connection, mobility, and collegial interaction to instrumentation. Instruments readily share data with anything else in the lab and on the web (where permitted). Product size and cost (approx. ¼ the size and ½ the cost) are obvious differentiators.

Data is secured using open, standardized tools & protocols -- the same protocols used for banking, government and everything else on the web. This contrasts internally developed, largely untestable data security found in current scientific instruments.

Practichem simplified the chromatography instrument interface, replacing jargon with appealing visual controls. Smart algorithms monitor the process, providing guidance at key points in the process. Familiar Google Chrome replaces Windows and its clunky device driver technology.

What products does Practichem offer?

Arista Slice: A protein chromatography instrument, is the first in a line of products based on our electronics and software platform. Created to ease the development of web integrated scientific instrumentation, Arista Slice is one-half the cost and one-quarter the size of current solutions. As the first truly internet enabled chromatography system, Arista Slice gives scientists control from any device, at any location.

Chromponents™: A family of maker and OEM friendly chromatography modules ready for easy integration. The family includes:

D3: A compact, multi-wavelength UV absorbance and conductivity detector with a simple USB interface.

FluidSwitch: A full line of rotary valves designed to rapidly switch high pressure fluidic streams.

Executive Bio: Nick DeMarco

Nick DeMarco, CEO and founder of Practichem, is a successful engineer, scientist and entrepreneur. Practichem, his fourth company, creates essential chromatographic instrumentation and associated products for life science research. Immediately prior to launching Practichem, Nick founded a Wisconsin-based biotechnology instrument startup Analogix, which was acquired by Agilent.

Executive Bio: Vikas Padhye

Dr. Padhye is President of Practichem, where he is responsible for overseeing operations, sales and marketing. Prior to joining Practichem in 2016, he spent nearly 20 years in leadership positions with Teledyne Isco and previously served in leadership roles at Gelman Sciences division of Pall Corporation and at Promega Corporation.