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Max Uptime

We back Arista Slice for three years. It’s that simple.

With Arista's small, light form, any service to the instrument is reduced to a simple swap. That's why it's called Max Uptime.


Practichem Max Uptime Service: Step 1 - Open Box

Open your box and remove the new Arista module.


Practichem Max Uptime Service: Step 2 - Swap Arista Chromatography Instruments

Swap the new Arista module with the one requiring service.


Practichem Max Uptime Service: Step 3 - Ship Old Arista Chromatography Instrument

Place the swapped module back into the box, slap on the included label, and hand it off to a carrier.

Our answer to service: build a system where the impact of service on customers approaches zero. To make this work, we needed an instrument that broke the rules: designed and engineered with you in mind. Arista Slice is just that.

As soon as Arista detects a fault, Practichem is notified and starts the service process for you. No more appointments. No more phone calls. No more down time.


Practichem Max Uptime Service: Chromatography Instrument Maintenance policy

For three years, we perform all recommended maintenance through Max Uptime. You'll receive another Arista module when you're due for maintenance.


Practichem Max Uptime Service: Chromatography Instrument Repair policy

Under Max Uptime we will repair any malfunction or mechanical breakage that is due to a defect in our craftsmanship. That said, please don't use Arista to paint your house or to pull the perfect espresso shot.

The Software

Practichem Max Uptime Service: Chromatography Instrument Software

Arista learns new things. We release new features and capabilities regularly, which are included for the first three years of Max Uptime.

Continue Max Uptime

For a small percentage of the then-cost of an Arista Slice, you can continue to take advantage of Max Uptime on a yearly basis. Remove process from your separations. Let Arista with Max Uptime help you push the boundaries of effective, efficient chromatography.