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Arista works well with all columns, including the ones in your lab.

Same fittings | Plenty of flow & pressure | Imports column data


Connect columns to Arista using the same fittings and techniques you know already.

Cone shaped fitting

10-32 Cone

Flat bottom fitting

1/4-28 Flat Bottom

Many columns connect with 10-24 cone port fittings. Some use 1/4-28 or M6 flat bottom fittings. Arista connects to any of these columns with changes or adapters.

Will Arista run your column well?

We squeezed a lot of capability into tiny Arista Slice. 25 mL/min and 25 MPa (3650   PSI) power through the largest lab scale columns. Find your situation below.

Graph displaying Arista column compatibility


If you're still unsure, let us say this:

Yes, Arista will work with your GE columns.