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Reclaim your bench

At 22 cm wide, we designed Arista to be small. This means short tubing runs and less dead volume. Powerful Arista leaves you room to operate.

Browsers are best

Arista Chromatography system runs in a Chrome Browser

Run on Browser

Arista runs on Chrome. Use a tablet, Windows, Mac or Linux. If it runs Chrome, it runs Arista.

Arista’s software runs on its built in server. Updates take only a few clicks. No drivers, no compatibility issues, no problems.

Arista continually saves data. In the event of a power failure, find your data after rebooting.

The internal solid state disk (SSD) holds over 10 000 hours of run data.



22 cm Wide

Chromatography instrument using less bench width

15.1 kg

Light weight Chromatography instrument

Flat Sides

Flat side Chromatography instrument improves lab bench usage

Flexible Fluid Handling

Arista is built to work with selected third party fraction collectors.

Advanced Materials & Design

Chemically resistant carbon fiber protects Arista from the natural hazards of protein purification.

And it looks awesome.

Compatible with your columns

Arista works well with all columns, including the ones in your lab.

Same fittings

Plenty of flow & pressure

Imports column data

Powerful Fluidics

Powerful Fluidics


Technical Specifications


22 cm


50 cm


36 cm


15.1 kg

Maximum fluid temperature

85° C

Wetted materials



90-264 V


50-60 Hz


50 W typical, 150 W maximum

Control software



Linux, Built in


Gigabit Ethernet, USB

Data storage

10,000 hours of run data


15 selectable

Port style

1/4-28 flat bottom

Inlet air sensing


Mixing technique

High pressure static

Mixer volume

250 μL

Siphon prevention

Included Backpressure Regulator


Dual pumps, twin piston, dual check valve

Flow rate

0.01 - 25.00 mL/min

Volume accuracy

<= 1.5%

Maximum pressure

25 MPa (<10 mL/min), 10 MPa (>=10 mL/min)

Overpressure action

Constant pressure with proportional flow reduction

Seal wash

Integral, 20% ethanol

Injection modes

Direct inject, loop load, bulk load

Injection ports

10-32 cone for 1/16” tubing

Column positions


Column bypass

Integral with software control

Flow direction

Reversible with software control


10-32 cone for 1/16” tubing

UV wavelengths

260 & 280 nm standard (300 nm optional)

Absorbance reporting range

0-3 - 5 AU

Path length

5 mm (2 mm optional)

Maximum operating pressure

5 MPa

Internal (“dead”) volume

2 & 2 mm path: 14.5 μL

2 & 5 mm path: 19.8 μL

5 & 5 mm path: 25.1 μL

Illuminated volume

2 mm path: 3.5 μL

5 mm path: 8.8 μL

Absorbance linearity

< 2% deviation below 2 AU (uracil, pH 2, 260 nm)

Absorbance noise

< 500 μAU

Absorbance drift

below measurable limits (tested at 20 ± 2 °C)

Conductivity range

0.01 - 200 mS/cm

Conductivity accuracy

greater of ±0.01 mS/cm or ±2% of full scale

Temperature range

0 - 85 °C

Temperature accuracy

±1.5 °C (4 - 45 °C)

Connection ports

10-32 cone fitting