Browser Control

Control scientific instruments from your web browser. Most any device, anywhere, anytime.


What We Do

We speed chromatography operations by making instruments and software talk beautifully together.


Our Approach

Every aspect of our products is refined to perform the essence of its required function. And nothing more.


Practichem - Reshaping Chromatography

Practichem boldly creates and artfully refines amazing technologies. We apply them to make tools appear effortless to use. At Practichem, we believe technology serves us at its very best when it simply disappears. Practichem is innovative and radically changes the way we do science -- specifically chromatography. With our latest technologies, research can be done quickly: pharmaceuticals and drugs can be developed quicker to help people in need. The technologies we use in our inventions is high quality: UV LEDs in our BioDetectors which helps eliminate startup delays and cuts down on cost; Browser Based Control brings science to a slim, friendly UI that makes running data and testing easy.